Illusion of democracy : Individual masters of Life or slaves to the system ?

Do you still think what you choose or what you do is a free choice?Unfortunately the answer is possibly a big ‘No’.
The market invests millions of dollars to shape your thought process and influence your choices. The endless investment in the campaigns for free market has left very few people questioning it’s usefulness; million-dollar investments in the campaign against Osama has made you forget Hiroshima and Nagasaki; the clever selling of war through corporate television has made people think that non violence is outdated and old fashioned; the 500 million dollar investment in Nike ads every year gives you
a complex if you are wearing any other sports shoes .Just as citizens are reduced to mere observers around the world, but for the moment you get to cast the vote to choose your leader ,to consumer is reduced to mere dustbin in which the producers keep dumping their products. During the 1996 elections in America , polls clearly indicated a historic dullness amongst the citizens of the democratic haven. Polls showed the public interest in election had declined to a record low despite record breaking spending.
Voters in America disliked both candidates and expected little from either of them.Cuban leader Fidel Castro was found relaxing on the beach on the day of last elections in America. When asked by reporters how he looked such relaxed on such an important day he quipped that he was doing what majority of Americans were doing! The role of democracies around the world seems to be efforts towards protecting the opulent minority from the not so opulent majority. Bill Clinton’s administration was an instant hit according to a lead story in the Wall Street Journal, because on most issues his administration was on the same side of the coin as that of Corporate America . Polls show that more than 80 percent of public think that government is run for the benefit
of the few and the special interests, and not people.Over 80 percent believe that economic system is inherently unfair. More than 95 percent feel that corporations should some times sacrifice some profit for the sake of making things better for their workers and communities.Elections are often own with less than half the votes cast and the mandate of about 20 percent of the electorate in your favor. The illusion of democracy lives on.

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